Ready to earn some delicious

Free-to-play. Play-to-earn. 73% APY by holding ROY!

  • Practice against Bots
  • Reduced Rewards
  • Fight for prizes
  • Achievements, Ratings, Stats & More!
  • Buy-in: 1 or 10 ROY
  • Win: up to 500x your buy-in!
EARN interest
  • Earn 0.15% per day (73% APY)
  • By holding ROY in your game wallet, or metamask

How it works

  • Last one alive wins!

    Boxes provide health and change your color.

  • The darkness kills

    But it is sometimes your best option.

  • < 25HP is critical

    One more hit and you're ultimately out.

Crypto Royale UI
  • Collision Rules

    wins against
    wins against
    wins against

  • Winner steals 50%

    of loser's health.

  • Controls

    Aim with mouse to move, left-click or tab to boost (-25% health).

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