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Our Battle Royale has launched!

Our Battle Royale game is completely free to play, requires no sign-up, and runs entirely in your browser. Games last 30 seconds and you can withdraw and sell your ROY tokens immediately. No catch!

Last one alive wins!

Boxes provide health and change your color.
yellow pip cyan pip magenta pip

Collision Rules

cyan pip wins against magenta pip
magenta pip wins against yellow pip
yellow pip wins against cyan pip

The darkness kills

But sometimes it is still your best option.

Winner steals 50%

of the loser's health.

<25HP is critical

No more boost, and you become an easy target!


Aim with the mouse to move, left-click or tab to boost (-25% health).

Choose Your Arena

You can start playing right away. No download or upfront Investment required.

gameplay screenshot


Practice against Bots. Earn reduced rewards.

Play now
gameplay screenshot


Fight for prizes, ratings, achievements & more.

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gameplay screenshot


Buy in and compete. Earn higher payouts.

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planet background

Pick Your Skin

You can also earn passive income by buying skins. Play as your favorite skin to help your clan win and earn more ROY.

Today's Top Skins

#2 Fox777

fox777 skin
224 ROY per skin*

#1 Shades

shades skin
72 ROY per skin*

#3 Dog

dog skin
55 ROY per skin*

If you want to see all the results or learn more about Skin Wars, check out our dedicated Skin Wars Section.

Go to skin wars

*Example returns. Actual returns based on today's performance of that skin.

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